To uninstall Avast Anti Virus (AA), follow these kinds of simple steps. In Windows XP you could have two options for uninstalling: You can possibly use the Add/Remove Programs Application which is included in windows and it has a section for uninstall/installation utilities; or if you prefer a more manual way you can use one of the many uninstallation electrical power software that can be downloaded from the internet. To acquire started, open the beginning menu by simply clicking the “start” button around the desktop or any other central area on your computer system. On the begin menu there may be usually an alternative for “Control Panel”. Should you have not already done so, this will open it.

To work with this feature you need to earliest close most unnecessary courses. Once all the other programs are closed, visit the add/remove programs business software icon and simply click to select Avast Antivirus. Try to find the variation number (for example, “avast+client1”) and click to choose it. The window belonging to the add/remove plan will pop-up.

If you are in Windows XP Home Edition you will observe two email lists: Programs and Uninstallable. The first accessibility for this discussion box need to be empty, as you are are using Windows XP Home Edition. The next entry with this dialog container should be accurate, if you have already used a great uninstall application. In the Courses section, try to find your Avast Antivirus program file. In case you are in Windows XP Home Edition, you need to right click this kind of app and choose houses.

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