The Mother board Room is a one-stop go shopping for all board equipment and expertise in the Purgatory snowboarding village. In the Shop you can get everything from snowboards to boot footwear to snow mobiles, via lines to freeze. The Shop comes with a extensive array of top brands including Acer, Anon, Burton, Catalina, Crab Grab, Dacor, Edge, Float, Etonic, Sibel, Heirloom, iLove Snowboards, iLove Sports, Jazz, Kustom, Landau, Nautilus, Okidata, Polar, Expert System, Reebok, Sage, Critical, Skratch, Stompa, Supercross, and Transworld. The Board Room likewise features snowboards for men, women, youth and boardshorts. Out of beginner to advanced skier and snowboarder, the shops have it all.

Using more than four thousand diverse pieces of board equipment to select from, the Panel Room presents a great assortment at competitive prices. Whether looking for a panel bag or a full collection of mountainboards, the shop comes with what you are looking for. You can also like to browse through various types of apparel and products, from brackets to head gear.

The boarding community has a huge next in Italia and so does the Shop. Italian snowboarding celebrities find out here have already been spotted buying at the popular Board Room. Celebrities just like Tony Hawk, Kim Cattrall and Freida Pinto are seen there frequently. In recent years the shop comes with gained popularity for hosting some of the most excellent and interesting international snow boarding events including the GP IFV in Italia and the Community Cup downhill in Munich. With many more occurrences planned for the future the Italian language team has also won other prestigious prizes including the Eurobike Prize, American championships plus the Cheltenham Event.

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